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Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Floorplan for The Skywoods are now available and ready for download.


If you require any assistance to understand the floor plan layout or our opinions to identify good units, feel free to contact us.



Below are examples of floorplans of typical units.

1 + S Bedroom – Type 1 + 1A / 527 sqft

2 Bedroom – Type 2(C2)A / 624 sqft

1+S, 2 Bedroom Floorplan

1+S, 2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom (Compact)– Type 3(C1) / 947 sqft

3 Bedroom Floorplan

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom (Standard)– Type 4(S1) / 1,346 sqft

4 Bedroom Floorplan

4 Bedroom

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